What we think will happen...

by Connor

One dark and stormy night, when Owly and Wormy were asleep, thump, thump, thump went the ground.
This thump, thump, thump woke Wormy up and he saw the thing that was making the thumping noise.
Outside Owly’s tree was the thumping footsteps of the BFG blowing a dream at Owly to give him a dream as he slept.
The BFG who happened to have very big ears happened to hear Wormy quiver, and this meant that he had been found out!!
“Oh Bozzlewackers I’ve feen bound!” the BFG muttered but being a giant his big booming voice woke Owly up!!!! Quickly the BFG grabbed  Wormy.

Owly shouted “:( { 1+1” (Don’t take wormy one inch closer to the window!!!) But the BFG kept going.

So Owly, being very brave, went to glide out the window after them.

Back at the BFG’S house the BFG was just putting Wormy in a jar filled with snozzcumbers when Owly tickled the BFG with a sneeze then climbed in his ear. The BFG having very big and sensitive ears didn’t like this very much and got so irritated that he dropped the jar he had Wormy in, and the jar smashed scattering glass and snozzcumbers everywhere!!

And because of all the ruckus Sophie woke up, came down, saw the jar and asked the BFG “what is going on down here?”

Looking at the mess of glass and snozzcumbers Sophie demanded to know who the culprit was...

And the winner is...