Dirty Bertie


Clifford the big red dog


What we think will happen...

By Connor, Jessie and Geneva

Clifford was looking around the school expectantly. He was scanning the gala for Emily, who had disappeared to find her parents. He saw all of the other children with their families, eating lots of junk food. A large stall of marshmallows caught his eye. There was a young boy digging around and Clifford noticed that he was extremely dirty. Clifford slowly approached him.

“Hello.” Clifford said hesitantly.
“Hmfg!” a mumbled voice echoed out of the pool of marshmallows.
“Er, what is your name?” Clifford asked.
“Ffpmmss” the dirty boy muffled.  He was edging towards the clearing that Clifford had scooped out.
“Pardon?” Clifford questioned.
“I am Bertie” Dirty Bertie repeated.
“Nice to meet you.” Clifford replied politely, offering Bertie his paw to shake, and then quickly pulled it back when he saw the disgusting state Bertie was in.
“Cool, and you are...” Bertie looked at Clifford cautiously.
“Clifford.”  They both looked around unsure of where the conversation should go next.
“Wanna roast some marshmallows?” Bertie blurted out, pointing to the pile of marshmallows.
“Umm, if you want” Clifford replied, relieved to be finally able to look forward to something.
“I know where to find the perfect stick.” Bertie’s eyes were shining in anticipation.

They walked away from the gala toward the school pool, filled to the brim with coke under a large clear pool cover. Clifford was amazed as he had only seen pools filled with water before! Bertie saw his suprise and filled Clifford in on the school’s latest coke and mentos experiment. As the school pool was the biggest thing to hold huge amounts of coke, the children were aiming for a world record.  The gala was to celebrate the big experiment and include parents and special people for the community. Boxes of mentos had been unpacked and were stocked up and ready to be poured down a long tube into a hole in the pool cover.  A long stick was lodged into the middle, holding the mentos ready until the big experiment.

“There!” Bertie yelled pointing to the important stick as if he had just shown Clifford a pot of gold.
“You’re right!” said Clifford, “that's the perfect stick to use!!” His tummy was rumbling at the thought of all those roasted marshmallows.
“Let’s go and get it,” said Dirtie Bertie.

As they raced over, they thought of all the marshmallows they would be able to roast.
Splooosh! a mysterious sound was made as the stick was pulled away. 
“Umm...what was that?” asked Clifford nervously.
Just then all the classes came around the corner ready for their big experiment. Suddenly they stopped, their eyes were wide, their faces dropped. With the stick taken away there was nothing left to hold the mentos. Mentos after mentos rolled down the tube toward the opening and the waiting pool of coke.
“Noooo...” gasped the children.
“What...” screamed the teachers and parents.
“Uh-oh...” whispered Clifford.
“COOL!”  blurted out Bertie.

Miss Eble  stared at them both with a very disappointed look on her face. “Which of you pulled the stick out of the tube?” she asked sternly.
Clifford looked scared. “ Not me Miss, I was just...”
“It wasn’t me!” Bertie interrupted defiantly.

Before the culprit could be found the rumbling grew louder. A fizzing, foaming whoosh was escalating from under the pool cover. Suddenly an explosion of coke erupted sending Miss Eble, Clifford and Bertie shooting into the air. 

Coughing and spluttering, Miss Eble hissed “ Someone has a lot of explaining to do!...”

And the champion is... Dirty Bertie!!!