Harry Potter

He is very brave and courageous 
He wants to see his parents once more and stop Voldemort.
Black hair, glasses and a scar on his forehead that hurts whenever danger is coming.

Percy Jackson

He is very brave 
He wants to keep his mum alive and stop Kronos and Luke from taking over Olympus.
Weapons: Ball point pen sword called Riptide, Tyson’s bronze shield and a sea trident.

What we think will happen...

By Jake and Jasmine
Rated M
Mild violence included
8 years and up

Harry Potter was sitting at the table next to Ron and Hermione at Hogwarts while they were pigging out on sausages. Harry Potter was very unlucky because that was the only food that they got for dinner. 

“How come you didn’t leave any sausages for me!?!” said Harry angrily. 
“Well, sorry you should have grabbed some food faster”replied Ron.
“Oh never mind.  I bet Dumbledore won’t mind if I transport myself to Cafe-Half Baloney for a quick bite.” 
“HEY that is my favorite takeaway store. Take me with you.” said Ron. 
“Too bad, you should have left some sausages for me.” 

Harry was gone in a flash reappearing at a strange place. He looked around and found a sign that said Camp-Half Blood. He failed because when you try to transport yourself to a place with a similar name to another place there are some mix ups. 

“Man this place is a total dump, But even worse it isn’t the takeaway store,” Harry said rudely, his tummy grumbled. 
“Don’t call this place a dump” a sinister voice whispered in his ear. 

Harry turned to see who said that to him but before he could a blue sword swished above his head. The sword belonged to none other than Percy Jackson. 
Harry drew his wand to cast a paralysing spell on the boy but Percy deflected it with his ball point pen sword. Percy lunged this time with his watch pointing towards Harry. Harry watched as the watch transformed into a bronze shield. 
Harry tried to reach his wand but it was too late, the shield slammed into him and he fell over. 
Percy focused all his will into making a huge wave. 
“Expeliarmus,” Harry yelled but Harry put all his concentration onto keeping the wave alive. So he raised his shield and deflected the spell. Harry’s eyes widened as the spell hit him and his wand flew out of his hand. He fell over and watched Percy build up a wave. 

Bigger and bigger and bigger it came towards him...

And the winner is...