Zac Power


Nancy Drew


What we think will happen...

By Haleigh and Matthew

After 3 full hours of searching for his target, Zac Power is running out of time!!! 
He stumbles into a restaurant in Paris. Zac is about to order the code word to get his next mission disk when Nancy Drew walks around the corner into the shop, holding a picture of Zac in one hand and a notebook in the other. Behind her ear was a bright green pencil. 
Zac Power pulled out his spy-pad and looked at the picture of his target. 
He looked up at the girl... an exact match with his spy-pad picture!!! Zac let out a gasp. 

Nancy looks up from her notebook and sees her target watching her. There is a short silence until she throws her tracking locator pencil toward him. It was coming at him as fast as a bullet.  It was a metre away when Zac ducked behind a table.  The pencil hit the wall exactly where Zac’s head would have been. Zac rolled away from his safe place behind the table and burst out the door to the kitchen. Nancy grabbed her pencil and ran after him. 

“Stop!” screamed Nancy. “Why should I?’’ replied Zac.
“You didn’t finish your meal” said Nancy.
”Huh?” Zac questioned. 
Nancy picked a dead fish up out of the rubbish bin  and threw it at him.  
“Whoa,” said Zac as it hit him on the face. The force pushed him out the window and sent him tumbling into a pie factory next door. Unfortunately he landed in a vat of batter heading into the oven. Luckily he had an upgraded water squirter in his spy-pad. Zac squirted it into the oven and the oven exploded. 

Zac is thrown away by the explosion out into the front store. Nancy storms in the door looking for her target.  Zac races past her toward the airport, with Nancy running after him. They turn left then right like a giant game of cat and mouse. 

Finally they made it to the airport. “What the...?” asked Nancy as Zac raced into an aeroplane hangar. Nancy followed closely behind. As she jumped into the hangar behind him the door closed. It was very dark.  

“Show yourself” Nancy demanded. Suddenly the roof opens and the panel under Zac's G.I.B jet-plane lifted up and he revved the engine. Before he managed to lift off, Nancy jumped inside. They took off. Zac went to the back to get a smoothie and found Nancy in front of the smoothie machine.
“Oh you again” moaned Zac. “I thought I had lost you at the airport.” Nancy ran toward him. He opened the airlock behind him and stepped aside. Before Nancy could stop herself she lunged out the door trying to get Zac managing to get the last parachute hat on the way. Zac dives after her. With the plane nearly out of fuel he must get that last parachute hat. She threw her high heel into a closing door. Luckily she held a rope tied to the heel. Zac pulled a string attached to  his hat which was secretly a hat parachute.  They were both falling rapidly toward the ground...

And the winner is...