Dirty Bertie


The Cat in the Hat


What we think will happen...

By Matthew and Jessie

The sun was finally out
The rain had gone away
Dirtie Bertie was sick of being stuck inside
He needed to go out and play.

He didn’t put on his gumboots as he raced out the door
To the carnival at the end of the street
Bertie was only looking for dirt
He didn’t realise who he was about to meet

Splashing in the puddles
Rolling in the mud
Poor Bertie didn’t see who snuck up behind him
until he was hit with a THUD!

Dirtie Bertie slowly turned around
expecting another blow
The Cat the Hat aimed a water canon at him
Dirtie Bertie shouted out “NO!”

But the Cat in the Hat didn’t listen
He wouldn’t go away
He wanted to have some fun
He wanted to stay and play.

But Bertie didn’t like the soap and water
He didn’t want to be clean
So seeing some mud nearby
He smiled. “Game on,” he screamed.

Dirtie Bertie picked up the squelchy goo
to throw a mud pie at the Cat
It catapulted through the air
And hit him with a splat!

As The Cat fired his gun
Bertie ran quickly to the slide
The slippery soap sent Bertie flying
toward the spooky train ride

Bertie picked up yucky food and rubbish
Ready to throw at his foe
The Cat in the Hat aimed his water gun
But little did they both know...

And the winner is...