Hermione Granger


What we think will happen...

by Amelia and Jen

One boring afternoon, Hermione was in the Hogwarts library reading the book Matilda. And Matilda was in her bedroom, reading the book Harry Potter.

Hermione mutters to herself, “This Matilda sounds like my type of person. She is smart, loves to read books, and is friendly. I want to meet her!” and she reaches for her wand.

Matilda says, “I like the sound of Hermione. She’s intelligent, good at magic, and sounds like a fun friend. Let’s meet!”

But when they cast their spells, it happens at exactly the same time so their worlds combine and they stop halfway....

When they come to, the first thing they spot is each other.
Hermione gazes around and yells in rage. She points her finger at Matilda. “YOU!” Hermione yelled. “YOU’RE THE ONE WHO GOT US LIKE THIS!  I..I WANTED TO MEET YOU! YOU WERE MY HERO UNTIL THIS HAPPENED!” She trembled with fury.

Matilda stood there, frozen with amazement. “Are you Hermione?”
“Wait untill Ron and Harry hear about this!” Hermione shouts. “Speaking of that”she says, “Accio, Ron Weasley and Harry Potter!”


“Woah” said Harry and Ron “What the heck's going on Hermione?”

Hermione glares at them and whispers something in Harry’s ear. He nods in agreement, and pulls out his wand.Ron does the same.

“Hermione, why are you pointing your wand at me? I haven’t done anything wrong! And who are these friends of yours?” Matilda asked curiously. She looks around at the remains of her world. “Hermione, come with me. I want to talk with you.”

“ARRGH! I would rather die than go with you! It’s all your fault! You were the one who got us stuck here, brainiac. Now lets see you get us out!” Hermione exclaimed.

Matilda pursed her lips.“Okay, if you'd rather die...”

And the winner is...