Clifford the big red dog


Winnie the Pooh


What we think will happen...

by Connor and Geneva

One day, Winnie the Pooh was walking though the hundred acre wood when a very peculiar thing happened.

He noticed that he was in the middle of four red trees!!! Pooh paid no attention and kept on walking. But then something even more peculiar happened. Winnie the Pooh walked straight in to a big red vine and fell over!

A booming voice from far above said, “Pardon me, I didn’t mean to knock you over, me being so big and all.”
“Oh, hello vine” said Pooh. “Its very cloudy today and it looks very red so I think I might go home and have dinner now.”
“Oh sorry” said the ‘vine'. “ I didn’t mean to block your view.”
“Block what view?” Pooh replied, confused. “I can see perfectly well.”
“Look up,” the voice boomed again. Looking up Pooh saw a big red canopy above him.
“Oh bother,” Pooh muttered, “someone must have painted the sky red. I’ll go get Christopher Robin.”
“No,” replied the voice again, “I’m not the sky. I am Clifford the big red dog.”
“Ohh...d.d.dear...the sky is talking to me.” Pooh stammered.
“But I am not the sky. Please listen. I am a just a dog and I am terribly lost.”
“Lost. Lost. How can the sky be lost. You can see everything from up there.” Pooh said, a little bit braver.
“Not everything” Clifford said sadly.
“If I was as big as the sky I would be able to see everything” Pooh said.
“I don’t think you would. Try climbing to the top of this tree and I’ll show you what I mean.” Clifford suggested.
It took Pooh Bear a long time with his short legs and big tummy, but eventually he made it to the top of the tallest tree in the 100 acre wood.
“Oh my," said Pooh, "you really can see a long way from up here. I think that I can see all of the 100 Acre Wood.”
“No,” replied Clifford, “ I can see to the city.”
“Well,” said Pooh, "I can see all the way to the sea."
“But I can see all the way to Birdwell Island!" Clifford said excitedly.

They kept on arguing back and forth all day until at last there was only one winner...

And the winner is...