Percy Jackson


Hermione Granger


What we think will happen...

By Amelia, Jake, Jasmine, Jen, Matthew and Sarah

Hermione carefully tended to Harry’s wounds after a long, hard fight with Percy Jackson.
“Ouch” moaned Harry. “Ow. That hurts! Curse that Percy Jackson, he had no courage in the first place.  Arggh.  Hermione, lemme up. I need to get Griffindor’s sword before Percy....” 

But he never finished his sentence. Harry collapsed in a heap on his bed.  However, as hurt as he was, he heaved himself back out of bed, determined to get the sword. 
Hermione rushed to his aid and pushed him back down. “You’re badly injured Harry.” she explained. "Trust me, you need rest.” She pulled the covers back over Harry’s head.
He took a deep breath, and spoke in a raspy voice. “Hermione, the sword...Get the sword....Defeat Percy...Voldemort...All my enemies....” He winced, taking in a deep breath, and spoke what might be his last words. “If I don’t ….wheeze...make it, tell Ron I ...wheeze...still hate him for stealing my ...wheeze....pie!”
Then he tumbled back into his bed, as motionless as a ragdoll. A tear trickled down Hermione’s cheek.
“Bye Harry, ” she whispered. “I’ll do my best. I hope I survive.”

Hermione looked out into the distance gripping her wand. “Percy did this.” she muttered. “Why did I ever trust him!” Then she screamed "WHY DID I TRUST HIM!?!” Her voice echoed down the corridor, through to the gates and out into the world. She glanced over to the right and saw the Marauder's Map, and remembered that it will guide you anywhere you need to go. Harry had used it for his last fight.  Hermione slipped the map into her backpack, kissed Harry on the cheek, and set off in search of Gryffindor’s sword.

After quite a few miles of walking endlessly, Hermione came to a stop. She’d been chased by two trolls into the woods stocked with demon dragons, and had almost been killed herself. Now after running for her life, she was hopelessly lost and still smelt of burnt toast. Hermione took the Marauder's Map out from her pack. It shimmered and showed her she was off the west coast of New York. She folded the map in half and zipped her pack up.
But before she could stand Hermione was face to face with...Percy Jackson!!!

“Sup Hermione” said Percy. He struck his sword and it balanced on the end of her throat. “I know why you’ve come Hermione. You were brave trying. But you’re not going to get that sword.”
“WHAT DID YOU DO TO HARRY?” She screamed. Her face turned blood red as she flung her wand into her hand. “HE MIGHT DIE! HARRY WAS MY BEST FRIEND! FOR ..FOR THAT YOU’RE GOING TO PAY!” Hermione pointed her wand at Percy and prepared to strike. 
“Oh you don’t want to do that,’ snickered Percy, “you might destroy this...” He unzipped his backpack and pulled out the sword of Gryffindor.
Hermione gasped.“ did you get that?”
“I have my ways!!!” Percy yelled.
“So YOU were the one who stole it!  I..I can’t beleieve I trusted you!” she screamed. Tears were flooding down her face as fast as a river would flow.
“Oh yeah. I trusted you too. I remember... and then you weren’t Annabeth.” He gripped his sword so tight that his knuckles turned white. “Now I need to find her.”
Her face in agony, Hermione shouted at him, “I will tell you were she is if you give me the sword!”
“How can I know to trust you again! You betrayed me before!”
“This isn’t about you, Percy. We’re running out of time, you overgrown pile of dung!"
“Don’t take that tone with me missy!”
“Missy! ARRGH! Don’t you call me that! Do you know that Harry maybe dying! If you give me the sword I can save Harry... and I won't harm you.”
“Never! You just want to save your precious little Harry and defeat his enemies. I want the sword. I will defeat Kronos and save Camp Half-Blood!"
“But what about Harry?! Don’t you even care?! I have to kill Voldemort and save Harry from dying. There’s not much time left. Hand over the sword and there will not be war!"
“No! I must kill Kronos!”

“Then tell me Hermione,” Percy said sarcasticly, “why would I hand over the sword to you? What are you going to do with it afterwards? I was going to let you use it... after I had finished with it.”
That made Hermione confused. Why would Percy just give it to her when he was done? But she had to stay focused. “Why don’t you care for Harry?!"
“Harry? Pah! Why would I care for him? He battled me until I couldn’t feel my big toe. It was lucky that I sent him back with that big wave...”
He paused for a moment, as if he was admiring his greatness. “And then Harry fell. Motionless. I wouldn’t care even if he offered to give me a million dollars. And let alone his best friend!” Percy said.

Hermione was dazed for a second, with floods of memories floating in her head. But she quickly turned back to the fight. “Arrgh! then this is your punishment!” She thrust her wand at him and it hit him in the eye.
He winced, but slashed at her with his sword. Warm, sticky blood trickled down Hermione’s arm. She tried to crawl towards her wand but she wouldn’t make it in time. Percy knew that too. He stepped in front of Hermione and was about to swing his sword when a giant shadow passed over his head. He looked up for just a moment. This was Hermione’s chance. She quickly grabbed her wand and went to Percy but he knew what was coming. Their weapons met, but the magic overpowered them....

And the champion is... Hermione Granger!!!