Winnie the Pooh


Scaredy Squirrel


This is what we think will happen...

by Sarah and Jessie

One summer day Winnie The Pooh was out searching for hunny. Suddenly there was a quivering in the bush.

“It must be a hunny hive” thought Pooh running over. But to his surprise it wasn’t a hunny hive at all. It was a..a...what was it?

It was a brown ball of fur.  Winnie the Pooh was confused.

“What are you?” he asked the moving ball.  
Shivering and shaking the ball squeaked.“I...I Scaredy Squirrel.  and...and are?”
“Why I am Winnie the Pooh” Pooh Bear answered like it was obvious, “but what are you doing looking like my hunny hive?”  
"Well you see" said Scaredy Squirrel "my home was invaded with KILLERBEES so I needed a new home“.

"can I come in“ asked Pooh Bear “my hunny stash is in here".
“No you mustn't, it is storing my nuts"

Pooh bear stumbles inside.

“IT’S MINE!!!!” said Scaredy Squirrel, screaming his head off.
“I challenge you to see who can eat the most Hunny!!” offered Pooh Bear
“NNNNNOOOO!!!!!  I’M ALLERGIC TO HUNNY!! shouted Scaredy Squirrel
“How about a FOOD FIGHT!!!!”  shouted Pooh bear
"Wait!" bellowed  Scaredy Squirrel, and he rummaged through his suit case and put on a mask and a pair of gloves.



And the winner is...