Dirty Bertie


Mrs Wishy Washy


What we think will happen...

By Amelia

Meet Bertie. He’s very Dirty.
Dirty Bertie doesn’t like to be clean. He doesn’t take a bath like we do.
Instead, he likes to roll around in the mud and be as Dirty as he can.
Everybody shouts,“NO BERTIE!!! That’s Dirty Bertie” but he just doesn’t listen. He doesn’t want to be clean. He wants to be Dirty.

Mum doesn’t like Bertie being dirty. She keeps telling him to always keep his clothes nice and clean. But Bertie didn’t listen to Mum. His clothes get dirtier and dirtier,and DIRTIER...until they were sooo dirty, that you can’t see any of his clothes because they were covered in dirt!
Mum was very angry at Bertie. “NO BERTIE!” she said. “That’s Dirty Bertie. Why didn’t you listen to me? I’m going to call Mrs Wishy Washy to get your clothes clean.”
“NO!” Bertie said. The last time that Mrs Wishy Washy had cleaned his clothes, they were so clean that it took him 2 weeks to get them dirty again.

But it was too late. Mrs Wishy Washy came and took his clothes away. Bertie had to stop her.
Mrs Wishy Washy walked out the door and looked at the clothes.

“Oh no” she said. “Not dirty Bertie again.”
She walked to her car and got out a tub. She grabbed her bubble mixture from the shelf in her car and poured it in. But she didn’t see that Dirty Bertie was sneaking up behind her. Mrs Wishy Washy stirred the water. Then she got her brush and started to scrub...
“RAAAARRRR!!” Bertie shouted. He grabbed a big pile of dirt and started to throw it at Mrs Wishy Washy.

Mrs Wishy Washy grabbed her bubbles and started to squirt it at Bertie. There was a big fight between bubbles and dirt. Bertie was catapaulting dirt into the tub and Mrs Wishy Washy was frantically foaming bubbles everywhere to get rid of Bertie’s dirt.
Bubbles and dirt filled the backyard. Mrs Wishy Washy’s  animals stood by looking curiously at the commotion.

Slowly the bubbles and dirt disappeared leaving only...

And the winner is...