Hermione Granger


Nancy Drew


What we think will happen...

by Haleigh, Jen and Sarah

It's summer break. Hermione Granger is on holiday at the seaside near Camp Halfblood.
Not far along the beach, Nancy Drew and her family are also on holiday in their fancy caravan. Nancy has seen a rather charming looking young man, and she's been doing some detective work on him, following him around and watching him to find out what he's like.

"Hello, Percy"
"Uh, hello Hermione" said Percy.
"Do you want to get some ice-cream?" says Hermione.
"Oh, um, uh, sorry, I'm meeting someone already" says Percy.
"Oh well I've already got plans myself, I wasn't inviting just you, gosh!" says Hermione, embarrassed.

Nancy puts away her binoculars and iPhone that she uses to record all her notes and clues.

Later that day, Percy and his friend Annabeth get ice-creams and go to the beach.
Nancy follows them and hides in the trees.
Hermione wants to see who Percy is meeting, so she casts an Apparation spell and arrives in the sand-dunes near Percy and Annabeth.

The two girls follow Percy and Annabeth to the cinema, both determined to get Annabeth away from Percy.

Nancy goes into a stall in the ladies room to hide, peeping out when she hears the door open.
Hermione comes in, and Nancy sees her from behind. "That's who was with Percy!" she thinks, and she ducks back inside.

At that moment, Annabeth comes in, and Hermione realises that's who was with Percy! As Annabeth goes past into a stall, Hermione plucks a hair from Annabeth's head. When Annabeth has locked the door, Hermione gets out her wand.
"Locomotor Mortis!" says Hermione, and Annabeth's legs are locked together!
Then Hermione gets a poly-juice potion bottle out of her bag.

When Nancy hears the spell, she opens the door and peeks out again, with her iPhone set to record. She's just in time to catch Hermione drinking the potion and transforming into Annabeth!

"What have you done with that girl?" she cries.
Hermione says "I AM that girl tonight" and goes to leave.

Nancy says "Wait! Your plan will never work because I know too much about you! I've got all the evidence I need, I've been recording the whole thing!!!"

Who will Percy believe? They BOTH head out the door...

And the winner is...