Percy Jackson




What we think will happen...

by Jake and Jasmine

This story is rated M
8 and over. Violence involved

On a sunny afternoon Percy Jackson was at a Medieval shop. After picking out a shiny bronze shield for himself and a new dagger for his friend’s birthday, he realised he had forgotten something! AN EAR CLEANER FOR HIS HALF BROTHER,TYSON. He looked around the ear product isle and found a perfect cleaner, but as he went for it so did someone else. He gasped and looked up.

What he saw was a terrible sight, it was the BFG.
He had humungous ears and his breath smelled like snozzcumbers.
“Please may you let go,” The BFG asked nicely.
But Percy wouldn’t. Annoyed, he replied, “I can’t EAR you, you frilly grumposaur!"
“Hey is that mean or what?” the BFG said sounding hurt.
“WHAT?” Percy giggled. It made the BFG angry to be made fun of, so it quickly turned into a name calling war.


“GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!  The BFG fumed. “What did you just call me?”
“A giddy giant,” Percy taunted.
“Well, since you said that I am going to take this ear product and you’re not going to stop me.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah. Yeah.” And the BFG ran over to it.

“NOOOO! I NEED THAT FOR TYSON!” yelled Percy as he flung his shield at the BFG. It hit the BFG square in the nose.
"WHY YOU...” said the BFG, but he was cut short as Percy landed a punch on him.
WHACK! The BFG pushed Percy into a shelf of fake ears and everything tumbled down. Percy dived out the way and saw a medieval pond. He focused on it and threw a wave at the BFG.
"Arghhhhhhh” yelled the BFG as he spluttered out bits of water, and asked the shopkeeper for help. The shopkeeper ordered Percy out of the shop.

Percy walked out clumsily, but while doing so he knocked over a shelf of fake horse poo, and it all came tumbling down. Percy got covered from head to toe. Everyone laughed.

Thinking he was safe now, the BFG went for the last ear cleaner. 

Suddenly Percy jumped out....

And the winner is...