The Cat in the Hat


Greedy Cat


What we think will happen...

By Jen

One day in his house Greedy Cat was having a snooze when The Cat in the hat popped in through the cat door.  Suddenly Greedy Cat woke up and stared at The Cat in the Hat in disgust.
“Hello. WHO ARE YOU?” hissed Greedy cat.
“Why, hello my good fellow” replied The Cat in the Hat as he looked around the house.
“What ARE you doing?” asked Greedy Cat curiously.
“I have come to clean your house,” The Cat in the Hat replied.
“If you let me I shall give you a mouse.”
“But my house does not NEED cleaning thank you very much!” said Greedy Cat in an annoyed tone.

“OK then, Thing 1and Thing 2. Tickle this fellow and make him bellow while I clean his house. If he lets me I shall give him a mouse!!!”

The tickling slowed down Greedy Cat. But he got away and ran around the room and out the cat door...but he got stuck because he was too big.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 raced over to tickle him again. But just in the nick of time Greedy Cat got out and ran all around the garden trying to  get away. He ran through the veggie garden and the flower bed but in through the gate came Katie.

“Meow Meow, Quickly there is somebody in the house” meowed Greedy Cat.
"Hello puss, are you hungry after your big nap?” asked Katie with a bag a cat food for Greedy Cat.
By now Katie was closer to the door. Then there was a loud BANG from the house.
As she opened the door a wave of purple jelly covered her from head to toe. It was everywhere. It was on the couch. It was on the ceiling. It was dripping from the walls and smothered all over the floor.
“I declare a food eating war!” The Cat in the Hat roared.
“You're on!” replied Greedy Cat chomping his way through the layers of purple jelly.

Katie stood there horrified. She knew that Greedy Cat certainly likes to eat so could probably win, but that the Cat in the Hat has a lot of friends to help him...

And the winner is...