What are the book battles all about?

These Book Battles are brought to you by our book club - known as Bookapedia.
There are two battles - one for picture book characters, and one for chapter book characters. 

The Battles are a fun way for us to:
  • share some of our favourite book characters and stories
  • share our love of reading
  • share our writing
  • get other kids in our school excited about reading and writing

How does it work?
First, we chose 8 picture book characters and 8 chapter book characters for the battles.
Then we matched the characters up for Round 1 of the battles.
The Bookapedians job is to write a short story about what we think will happen when the characters meet. 

How can you join in?
  • Read the battle stories, and at the end of each story, vote for the character you think will win the battle. The winners move on to Round 2, and the winners of Round 2 will battle to be the book character champion!!! Check the schedule page for the voting dates.
  • You can vote on every story - but just once per story please!
  • Each class in our school is supporting a book character. We'd love it if you could get behind your character - read their stories, find out about them, tell your friends how great that character is and why. 
  • You can vote in all the battles, not just for the character your class is supporting. Ask your family and friends to vote too!
  • Room 12 helped us get things started by making some awesome posters that they showed at assembly. Thanks, Room 12, you guys rock!! Check out the posters on the wall outside the library.
  • You might want to write your own ending to the stories we've started, and we might choose some to share on this website!