Clifford the big red dog


Scarface Claw


This is what we think will happen...

by Geneva

Once, not very long ago, Scarface Claw moved to Birdwell Island. Which is exactly where Clifford the big red dog lived with his friends, Emily Elizabeth, and her family.
He was especially tetchy because he hated water and got extremely sea sick.
Usually at this time of the day, Clifford would be at the park playing with the other dogs. But today, he was enjoying the breeze of the sea air. He was waiting with Emily for her Aunt who was coming back home from her trip to a famous cat show in London. Her cat had won the medal for the Loudest Tail in the whole show, and Emily was there to congratulate her with a basket of chocolate muffins.
The muffins smelt so good that even Clifford could smell the warm, sweet smell wrapped around his big nose.
Emily suddenly started shouting wildly. “Aunty Rosalinda! Aunty!”
Rosalinda turned and her faced brightened.
“Emily!’’ Aunt Rosalinda said excitedly “Emily, you are all grown up! Wow! And so is your dog...” Aunt Rosalinda gazed up at Clifford in surprise. “ Y-y-your dog...” She stammered.
“Anyway! Would you like to see my winner?”
“Who?” Emily was confused.
“Scarface Claw, Silly!”
“Scarface Claw?”
“Yes! Is something wrong with your hearing?” Rosalinda seemed very concerned.
“No, I am fine. So lets have a look at Scarface Claw, eh, Clifford?”  Clifford bit his lower-lip.
“Be careful. She is quite feisty” Aunt Rosalinda warned while slowly opening the Cat Carrier.

“Rrrrrrrrrrrrrow!” An unusual sound roared out of the cat carrier.
“What does my wrrrrrrrrrretched ownerrrrrrr want now???” he hissed to himself.
Clifford suddenly felt very nervous.
A scrawny, black cat sneakily crawled out of the cage, snarling angrily. His green eyes were scanning the immediate surroundings.
Clifford was staring at this ball of darkness and anger.

It was so shocking to him that something could be so tempered and cantankerous. He has lived in a cheerful world where he was surrounded by friends that he didn’t think that someone would act so full of ire.

“Could my short life be any worse? I am treated like a slave in show business, I am forced to take a horrible trip on a damp, unstable boat, and now I am about to get eaten by a giant, red dog.”

“Excuse me.” Clifford said, finally getting some courage. “But I am not about to eat you. I wouldn’t dream of it.”
“Well, that doesn’t make a difference to my horrible life.” Scarface Claw muttered.
“Well, I think you are just full of yourself. You think you are so smart.” Clifford felt proud of his come-back.
Scarface Claw scoffed. “So if you think you are smarter than me then lets have an Intelligence Contest.”

Clifford went back to being shy. He was about to say something but suddenly Aunt Rosalinda interrupted.
“Shall we head back to your house, Emily?”
“Sure! Would you like me to take Scarface Claw?”
“Just be careful with him. My Precious Butterfly...”
Scarface Claw sighed and crawled back into the cat cage.

“So let’s discuss the rules.” Scarface Claw look very squashed and uncomfortable in the rocky cage.
“Each one of us takes turns to ask the other questions. The person that can answer the most questions right, Wins!”
Scarface Claw was pleased with his brilliant idea.
“Okay.  I agree. Who starts?”
“I will start.” Scarface Claw selfishly declared.

“What should you do if the biggest dog in town is chasing you???” Scarface Claw asked.
“But I am the biggest dog in town.”
Clifford didn’t know what to say.
“I run to the closest tree and race up?”
“No Way!” Scar-faced Claw didn’t look surprised. “You turn around and hiss REALLY loudly. Then you show him your claws and STRIKE.”
Clifford was shocked. “Um... Sure?”
“Your turn.”

“What should you do if your friends have sore legs?” Cliffords eyes were shining.
“I don’t have any ‘friends’.” Scarface Claw admitted, a little sadly.
“I’ll be your friend.” Clifford offered.
“I don’t need any friends.”
“So what should you do?”
“Laugh at them?” Snarled Scarface Claw. “Roll around laughing.”
“Are you being serious?”Clifford was wide eyed.
“No you get someone to help them get to the vet.”
They both looked at each other.
“My turn! What if...”

Suddenly Emily came bursting into the room.
“Hey, Guys, I was wondering. I have lost my calculator and I need to find out what the square root of 121 is. Do you have any ideas?”

Clifford and Scar-Faced Claw stared at each other in confusion.

Square Roots? 121?

And the winner is...