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11/10/2010 17:25

What an awesome idea. There must be a very clever librarian at your school. I am going to watch with interest and maybe the bookclub at my school (which is called The BookGang) will want to do something like this next year. Well done you guys!!

11/10/2010 20:26

Awsome I wish I came up with that idea but verry cool!

11/15/2010 14:36

How exciting! I'm watching to see how it is done so my school can try it out. Go Percy Jackson!

11/15/2010 16:01

What a fabulous bunch of writers and readers. I have added this site to my favourites because I think the students of the Coromandel Area School would love to have go at Book Battles - so would I actually! What a great idea Miriam!

Riana Smith
11/15/2010 20:57

A great idea guys. I had an idea were under each story you could mabey add a comment bit like this but instead of commenting they add their version of the end. Example in the Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson at the end you put ... so we don't know what is going to happen. By having this 'comment' box peolpe can place their ideas and thoughts on what they think may happen.

11/16/2010 15:32

Thanks for your comments everyone! The book group have loved hearing from our readers.

Riana, I do like your idea of taking the stories further with what might happen next, and opening that up to our readers to join in! I will think about how we can make that work somehow and let everyone know what we decide. Thanks so much for your feedback :-)

11/17/2010 13:00

Wow, Bookapedia - you have done a great job on your stories. I LOVE how you have made the ending totally up to us as readers! Some surprises in the winners for me, but it's fun to see who other people like! Maybe we will try this at Parkland School next year, and you guys can vote on our stories!

11/18/2010 13:06

CONGRATUALTIONS Miriam and Bookapedia - this is just fabulous. I had so much fun reading your stories and voting that I will share it on my school library blog to spread the word. Well done.

11/28/2010 15:12

this is my favourtie thing doing in the bookapedia

02/20/2011 02:03

This is such a great idea - takes the frequently argued "who would win in a fight between Superman and Spidey" so much further... Not familiar with Dirty Bertie myself, but pleased to see Hermione's regular magic homework must have paid off for her!


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